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Yet another software learning curve

The long and the short of this posting is to ask you to sign up for my blog.  So if you want to here is the address:  If you want the back story, read on….

Recently I added a few more addresses to the email list that I use to send out, from time to time, my, I think, quirky maybe even insightful, observations while travelling.  The email program politely told me that as the list had now reached one hundred people some mail servers would not forward the messages.

I have really enjoyed talking to my friends this way.   I began doing it in Ghana, Africa, when I was overwhelmed by all the plastic in the environment from all the single servings of things sold everywhere.  Single servings of laundry detergent, cookies, peanut butter, sugar, you name it.  And why?  Because of poverty.  It is more affordable than full size packages.  It felt like an interesting thing to talk about to people I care about.  And I loved hearing back.  It helped me stay in touch with friends,  from different parts of my life.  It helped me feel connected while travelling.  Now I am retiring,  planning a really big trip, more than a year in length, and very probably a change of location when I return to Canada.  So I really want to feel connected!  And I want to communicate.

What to do, what to do.  Make a second list and send out two sets of emails?  Take people off the list that I didn’t think really wanted the emails in their inbox?   I had recently asked if anyone wanted to be removed, and no one actively did, even if they thought it.  Or take a big step and begin a blog.

I can honestly say that blogging has never really been a form of communication that I indulged in.  It seemed too complicated, or at the least, a diversion from the communication media I used, but I found myself thinking about it.  A friend had used a blog for an extensive trip around the U.S. with a tear drop shaped miniature sized camper trailer, and an email plopped into my email inbox letting me know there was a new one to read, and a link to it.  Now that was something that I could get on board with.  So a while later, with some help from that friend, I now have a blog.  And yet another software learning curve is beginning, and I am floundering around like a fish out of water.  But trusting that I can and will get it.  That I will one day feel confident that I know what I am doing, and how to do it, but I have a ways to go yet.  Did you get a strange link on facebook?  That was a mistake.  Didn’t know I had pressed the publish button.  There will be pictures, once I take them, and hopefully some interesting factoids that will keep you reading.

So please follow me.  I feel like the Pied Piper saying that.  And choose the option for an email to let you know when a new post is posted.  Then, as before, you can choose to read it, or not!


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  1. Arlene wilkinson

    Looking forward to following your travels from afar and joining in person when I can! Amazing woman that you are…blog on!

  2. eliza

    Hey Maggie
    i didn’t see instructions her on how to sign up but yes please add me to your list.
    Fun to share teh adventure you are starting, not clear when exactly but that info will come. Perhaps we will see you this summer before you embark.

  3. Julia

    All on board!! Can’t wait to float around the world with you.

  4. Edward Marchewka

    Delicious, wonderful photos and I felt a vicarious pleasure in a return to Italy.

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