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Sunshine in England happens more than you are led to believe.

Janes home, now with Martin

Look at that clear sky and brilliant sunshine!  We had many days like this while I was there.  We had to open the conservatory door to cool off while sewing!

When Jane bought this house with Simon many years ago it was in bad need of repair, and over the years Jane has worked on pretty much every room and added some.  I remember the heaved concrete floor in the kitchen that was right in front of the stove.  Made cooking interesting!  The right hand peak is at least 225 years old, and the left peak 125 years old.  The ceilings are very low, we humans used to be shorter.  Janes’ 6’5″ and 6’4″ sons can barely stand up, and have to duck to go through doorways.  Jane added to downstairs bathroom, on the right, and the room in shadow at the back of the house, and together with Martin added the wonderful new conservatory.  It rounds the house out beautifully.  They have pv electric panels, solar hot water panels and ground source heat.  They are doing their bit for the planet.

On to Little Star

The owners of the boat left it open for us to explore.  I was as excited as a kid!

Trying out the drivers seat

Trevor reading up on the boat rules

A few years ago when we rented a very large narrowboat Sally would stand at the front of the boat as we approached bridges or locks or curves and help direct the tiller person, 69 feet behind her, around the obstacles.  Sometimes her arm movements were pretty frantic as we headed towards solid objects such as other boats, or into the weedy bank.  We did get the hang of it, eventually.

Sally directing the tiller man, or woman

This boat is a modest 47 feet but has everything we need for comfortable travel.  I am very excited!

Now I am back in my old home town, Durham, for 10 weeks.  That is a long time to impose on Sally and Trevor.  My family are my sheroes and heroes, supporting me on this adventure.  Hosting me in their homes and ferrying me around the country. I am one very lucky woman!


Is smaller always better?




  1. Mary

    Great to see your pics.. the boat looks fabulous and should be easier than the last one to navigate…. any more pics of it?

  2. Kate

    Great shots Maggie. Looks like you’re ready to push off! Happy to see that you’re happy!

  3. cynthia lilley

    Looks funtastic!

    • Maggie

      It is! Don’t want to rush to time by, but I am looking forward to it! But that is half the fun, the anticipation

  4. Margaret Gibson

    Looks amazing Maggie, you look great also. An amazing adventure ahead for you.

  5. Sandra D Wilton

    Love “Little Star” , can’t wait until June. Your sister’s home is beautiful and reminds me of homes on Escape to the Country. Glad you are having such a good time.

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