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Memories. Light the corners of my mind. Misty watercolour memories. Of the way we were.

If you are too young to get this reference just enjoy the sentiment.

The new location. Love the wisteria
Chalk Farm Underground on the Northern Line, opposite the old location

What a blast from the past the visit to Camden Lock and Haverstock Hill was.

Hazelnut and Pistachio ice cream, caramel sauce and whipped cream. Way off the Weight Watchers points counter.

I normally eat a very health diet, excluding wine, but on this day breakfast was an almond croissant and flat white, and lunch was an ice cream sundae.

Camden Market now
This is Krissy

Jane and I spotted this knitwear store in the market. I think we tried on about a third of the merchandise and had a blast doing it. The artist, Penny Burdett, has been creating knitwear on a knitting machine for 30 years. Of course we both bought something. The designer was not there, but Krissy, the person who patiently helped us, is a designer in her own right. How great is that! When I was first in Canada I applied to a clothing design course at George Brown College. I was accepted but did not think I had the creativity to do it. I didn’t think I could be original. I wonder where my life would have led me if I had chosen that path. But Krissy is young, and she did, and I wish her all the best of luck and success.

I also had no idea that Jane met Simon in Camden Lock! This is the exact location that Simon had his bike shop and Jane took hers in to be repaired. Not long after that the bike was stolen, and she asked Simon to make her a another one. Simon was the consummate re-cycler, way back in the 70’s. He built bikes completely out of used parts and made them pieces of art. One that he made her had 1cm black and white squares all over it, just like a NY cab. It too was eventually stolen. It was either that one, or one that he customized with her name on the cross bar that she saw being ridden around London years later. From that union we have our wonderful nephews Edmund and Lucien, and now Edmund has a son of his own.

Ruben doing dishes.

Jane and I moored the boat at St. Pancras Cruising Club while we were in London. It is a tiny club, 100 members tucked under the rail line going into St. Pancras Station. The Eurostar went past Little Star many times a day, and into the evening, but we were able to sleep. This is the view from the boat. Old gas storage units were moved to this location, three were made into apartments and the fourth is a park, the one on the left. Not a bad view. The next pictures are a 360 view from the boat at the club.

The above shots are a 360 view from the boat

The water tower in one of the pictures was moved to this site as were the gas storage units. Preserving history, just not in the original place. The water tower is the temporary club house of the cruising club until they build their new one. Jane and I were given a tour, amazing views but I didn’t have my camera.

Some last pictures:

With Suzie Elkin on the boat
Our berth at the Cruising Club, after I pulled out.


Easter Eggs


36 hours on board Little Star

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  1. Sandra

    Great pictures. Creating so many more memories to look back on in the future.

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