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So many pictures….

Daniel at the helm on the Thames
River Thames, Longworth. It is supposed to be a video, but doesn’t appear to be.
John holding the boat steady in a lock on the Thames
Lawn daisies at the Trout Inn
Trout Inn at Tadpole Bridge
Martin and Maggie
The lock keepers look after the gardens. Some have very green thumbs.
Wisteria in Lechlade.
Is Tonka Toys a world wide brand? They made or still make small trucks and cars for kids.
I love the drama of the clouds
Kelmscott Manor
Greylag Geese with chicks, or could be White-fronted Geese
Crops agrowing, barley? Oats?
Try pronouncing that….
Kingston Bagpuize, Georgian Manor with Redwoods
Trying the Manor life on for size.
Memories of Morse
Hertford College
Bodlein Library. One of their sites. They have the right to a copy of every book published in the U.K. Maybe Dad’s published PhD thesis is buried on one of their shelves. All of Harry Potter?
Christ Church
Oxford Pride
Returning from a concert in Oxford
Worcester College Quad, side one
Worcester College Quad, side two
Worcester College Quad, side three. What a place to go to university! What a sense of entitlement it must engender.
Me again
University Church of St Mary the Virgin. That is a mouthful, and was she a virgin?
View from the spire
All Souls College
Oxford University Museum of Natural History
Anne Hathaway’s childhood home.
John, Daniel, Martin. Daniel lost his sunglasses…. had to buy these.
Going to look this up. A lot about plastics in the papers this week. I have been treating myself to the Saturday Guardian. I know, it contradicts my desire to bury my head in the sand about world events.
Derek and Wendy
Had to end with this. Yep, glad it is not recorded, anywhere.


The kindness of strangers and those wonderful volunteers.


Rain in June, persistent rain


  1. Gail

    Wonderful photos and such a nice log of part of your journey. How much longer do you get to roam around the countryside????

  2. Maggie Mann

    Just a few more weeks. I am on my way north to Audlum in Cheshire. Home being Little star’s berth at Overwater Marina. One more visitor from Canada before the end. Then on to Florence for a course in leather making. I am making the most of my first retirement year.

  3. Christine A.

    I have so enjoyed reading every one of your accounts of life on the canals, Maggie. Thank you for sharing your experiences. These photos are amazing. I particularly like the composition of the one with daisies in the foreground and a bridge in the background. The field of oats/barley is gorgeous. By the way, manor life looks good on you. Enjoy the time left on the boat, then on to your next adventure in Florence. Hugs. xo xo

    • Maggie

      So good to hear from you Christine. I miss our afternoons at Jenny’s. How are things going with the changed format?
      I must admit that we swap pictures and a friend took the one of the daisies for me because he knew I loved lawn daisies. So sweet of him. I shouldn’t complain, but June is being cold and rainy after such a dry winter. I hope it doesn’t last the whole month! Will keep you all posted!

  4. Marnie

    Beautiful photos, Maggie. I love the daisies and the bridge at the Trout Inn. Also admiring the way you arranged your hair to echo the spires in the background. 😉

    • Maggie

      Yes, amazing what my hair can look like when I neglect it and there is a bit of wind. Now if only I could get it to look like that all the time.

  5. Glen and Anne-Siri

    Wonderful stories and beautiful pictures Maggie, thanks so much. My goodness, the images and pace of life you are showing us are so different from what we see on the BBC news. Between your canal-side perspective and the lovely old locations in our current favourite TV series (Father Brown) we are enjoying our immersion in idyllic England. Unrealistic? No, just another view! Safe travels on the next leg of your adventure.

    • Maggie

      It is amazing, but there is a lot of that idyllic England around. Quiet villages, canal side pubs, cows and sheep and horses in fields. Well manicured gardens and not so manicured beside the canal, a glimpse into rural life. So different from navigating the London underground, and the noise of the traffic on the streets. Even if we stopped by a rail line most of the trains are commuter trains and did not run overnight. Only one night by a motorway was noisy late into the night.

  6. Daniel

    We need to get some of those pix!

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