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Life happens when you are following other plans

My plans have been unfolding as I had envisioned they would over the last few months. I retired from Centennial College in June, and had the summer and fall to finish planning my upcoming trip, pack up my house, sell my house and be ready to leave in December. All three of my sisters have been to Canada to help me sort and pack my house, an undertaking that I knew I would need serious help with, and they really moved me along.   Helping to pull things out from the farthest reaches of closets, drawers and cupboards.  Helping me decide if I needed the item, or should it be recycled, donated or thrown away.  Decision after decision.  But by the time that Sally left, the final sister to visit, the job was just about done, even to the point that I  know what I will be wearing for the next year.  The rest is packed away.

But life has a habit of throwing curve balls.  Friday, August 31st was a large day.  Three unrelated events occured.  Zoey, my almost 12 year old poodle dislocated her left hip and it was put back in place somewhere in the early hours of the morning.  I think she must have been on my bed and when she heard me return home she jumped down.  Unfortunately all my rugs are out being cleaned, and being an old dog she slipped on the hardwood floor.  I think she did the splits.  It was several hours before it was treated, and it was 5 am before I got to bed.  Up at 8 to take her outside and try to get her to pee.  Later that day the house was shown to potential buyers, a lovely young couple expecting a child soon.  Imagine me trying to get the house and my head ready for that!  The third event was performing my last therapeutic massage treatment.  I have been a therapist for 35 years, almost to do day, and now I am done.  All except sending in my resignation letter.  However, because of the events of the day, it seemed like a footnote to the day, not the main event.  But it was the passing of an era in my little life

Flash forward to Monday, September 3rd.  Another large day.  Zoey had been making steady progress, had been eating, drinking, peeing, and finally this morning a poop.  She also stood up and supported herself on three legs and started to walk around unaided, but I think she has overdone it, and is very quiet now.  No food, no drinking and no walking.  My worry scale has increased again, and back to cautious wait and see.  The second event of the day was my massage table left my treatment room.  Not only am I not doing massage any more, I no longer have anything to do it on, but it has gone to a great new home.  Another ending.  And finally, the couple came back to see the house and I am waiting to hear if they are interested in proceeding.  Pins and needles.

And so it goes.  Two events, the ending of the practice and the house sale were planned, but the dislocation, not so much, and a bit overwhelming to happen over one long weekend!


Just De-G**gle It





    You’ve had a tough, stress filled weekend. Hope Zoey gets better and I’m keeping my fingers crossed on the sale. Keep smiling. ?

  2. silverfox1952

    Oh dear, Maggie!!!! I do hope things go well from here on in. Sending my love to both you and Zoey for a complete settlement of woes. xoxo

  3. Thanks Brenda. One step at a time.

  4. Jennifer

    Oh no!!!
    Poor Zoey! Hope she heals quickly!!

  5. Elaine Brindley

    Hi Maggie! I am so sorry to hear about Zoey’s accident! I hope she recovers quickly and this quiet period is just her body’s way of resting and mending. Congratulations on completing 35 years of massage therapy!! I sold most of my stuff, but I kept my portable table and I’m wishing I hadn’t bothered. So far it’s only been used by Anna when her esthetician makes a house call to glue on Anna’s footlong eyelashes. Otherwise, it’s just taking up space in the basement. Seeing your basement was truly inspiring. It can be done! Thank you so much for our recent visit a la dinner and wine. It was really good to catch up and great to see you reaching your retirement goals. I’m very happy for you! You have worked hard for this and surely do deserve to reap the harvest. Best of luck with the house sale and sweet Zoey. xoxo Elaine

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